Christopher L. Janney
Los Angeles
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Christopher Janney earned his membership to UBPN back in 2002 via a motorcycle accident. Realizing that the UBPN community was his primary source of information and support which enabled him to get the best available medical attention, rehabilitation, and return to an active life, he knew he had to return the favor and remains active on the UBPN forums sharing information and helping out where ever he can. Since conceiving a neurosurgical procedure to save his triceps, Chris hasn't stopped trying to understand & research the nature of neural regenesis and a cure for BPI. He is a firm believer in self reliance, and thoroughly enjoys helping people help themselves. Contributing to putting BPI into the history books forever, which he knows is possible, is one of his life time goals. Christopher studied Philosophy at the University of New Hampshire, Drama at Yale, and Directing at UCLA.