Custom Fit Athletic Arm Sling

This sling is designed to secure your arm to your body in such a way that it allows you to be very physically active without having to worry or think about your arm. If you have tried to do any sport, you know your arm bounces around and generally gets in the way, you also know your daily sling does a very poor job of holding your arm in place. We do have a few people who use the sling as their daily sling as they like that it holds their arm in place better than most others will. Dan has manufactured well over 450 slings to date (May 2018) and has a long list of acknowledgments of how his sling fits and allows them to continue a life with sports and activity!




We make two different slings:


Sling #1- has less material, thinner straps and is cooler for longer endurance sports.  This is also the sling most women order as it is smaller and they don’t need the bigger size for the other sports.  You can use for all sports but might not feel as secure as the all around for some because the pocket is not as deep.  (This is the one I use for all my sports)



Sling #2 - is designed for more all around sports, it has a deeper pocket,  thicker straps and will give greater support for a wider range of sports like basketball, snow skiing, off road motor sports and other activities that are more abrupt in movement. 

To see some pictures of different people wearing the sling, 

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I charge a flat $120.00 ($150 for international shipping) which covers all cost, including shipping. I ship everything FedEx.  .


Here are the measurements we need: All in Inches Please


1-Right or left arm.

2- Length of lower arm from back of elbow(below tricep, above elbow) to tip of middle finger, straight line measurement. Measure with the arm at a 90 degree angle.

3 - Length of upper arm from top of shoulder to bottom of elbow, straight line measurement.  Measure with arm at 90 degree angle.

4- Inseam to Inseam, only around the back, with arms down, just under the middle of the armpit. Not the entire way around, half way. 

5- Inseam to Inseam, with arms down, just under armpit, all the way around! Back and Chest

6- Nipple to Nipple

7- Height & weight

8- Sling #1  or Sling #2

9- Color (We are making most in Gray because they retain less heat from the sun which helps on those long runs or bike rides. We can and have made them in a variety of colors, just ask)


E-mail information above to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have any questions, you can call me at 818-636-8109.

All the best,


p.s.  FYI, I avulsed all five of my nerves in 1986 at the age of 18 and had the intercostal surgery to give me some function of the bicep. I have done most sports over the years and this sling is my way of helping others get back active again and not have to spend years trying to do something with their arm so they can be athletic.  Below is a picture of me wearing my sling, as I finish a TRIATHALON (swimming, biking and running)!  Made possible with this sling.


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