Volunteer! We Need You!

UBPN is a completely volunteer-run organization. As such, we need many volunteers to help us spread the word about brachial plexus injuries. Any and all skills are needed but here is a list of skills that would be of great value to UBPN:


journalists/technical writers

public relations and/or media relations professionals

graphic and/or web designers and Joomla programmers

SEO/Adwords experience

accountants or financial professionals


We are forming two new committees!

Graphics and Social Media Committees

Members of the Graphics and Social Media Committee will be responsible for creating graphics for things such as: social media posts and emails, digital publications and website, t-shirts and other swag, as well as creating regular content (written and video) for social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube according the UBPN’s social media guidelines. Members will work together to create a social media/email calendar with scheduled topics and posting days. All content will need to be approved by the committee chair before being posted.

Time commitment will vary throughout the year and according to individual availability. Committee members will help with whatever aspect their skills will allow -- for example: if you aren't a graphic designer, you can still be on the committee and help with content, and vice versa!

Fundraising Committee

Members of the fundraising committee will be responsible for finding, creating, and implementing fundraising opportunities to raise funds to sustain the organization. These could be both virtually and locally throughout our broad community. Committee members can help others set up fundraisers in their own area. Grant researchers and writers are also needed (experience preferred by not required).

Funds raised will go towards current programs such as : Camp UBPN; awareness, outreach, and prevention materials; campaigns, and networking; website and online resource expansion. In the future, we hope to expand additional funds to assist with research and education for professionals, travel or lodging financial assistance, and grant matching.

Time commitment varies each month throughout the year and according to individual availability.



If you are interested in volunteering or assisting us in any way, Please fill-out the volunteer survey here and please email our volunteer coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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