The ABC's of Awareness week

The ABCs of Awareness Week

Brachial Plexus Injuries Awareness Week is October 20-26, 2013! The Awareness Committee has provided an ABC... list of things you can do to promote Awareness this week and every week throughout the year.

A Advertise UBPN!
Post information about UBPN and Awareness Week in your local grocery store, library, college campus, church, doctor's office, or hospital!

B Bake sale for a fundraiser for UBPN!
Hold it at your local church, school, sports games, store, etc.

C "Change Walk" at local school.
Have children bring in spare change of all kinds to donate for a school walk. Every child puts the money into a big container and there's a special day set aside where everyone will walk around the playground, track, whatever route you have planned out (even inside during gym class) for a set amount of time to raise awareness about bpi and fundraise!

D Donations!
Send in the donation to UBPN!

E Editor...
write a letter to your local newspaper editor regarding bpi, awareness, & prevention!

F Firstgiving!
This is a wonderful website that allows you to create a fundraising page for free, with pictures and video if you choose. You can email your personalized page to family and friends to raise funds for UBPN. The funds can be directly donated through the site to UBPN.

G Gatherings.
Gather all your friends and family over for a dinner/picnic with a "bring a dish to pass" theme. Talk about UBPN, the injury, prevention.

H Hospitals!
Get information to hospitals about bpi, prevention, and awareness! Write a letter, send Outreach magazines and brochures, ask to talk to the hospital director, ask to talk to the nurse manager in labor/delivery and nursery.

I Icecream Social...
gather your community, church, neighborhood group together for an icecream social. Give information out about bpi and make a sign to display about bpi.

J Junk!
Sell that junk in a garage/yard sale then donate the funds to UBPN!

K Ketchup, mustard, hotdogs on the grill?
Host a barbeque in your community and spread awareness about brachial plexus injuries.

L Lemonade Stand!
You all know how to do this. Make the lemonade and charge by the glass. Have some cookies, cupcakes, brownies available to sell, too! Remember to have some Outreach magazines and brochures at the table, too.

M Mirror someone with bpi if you don't have the injury yourself.
Try to do all the things the same way someone with a bpi does for one day. Put in a ponytail, get dressed one handed, type an e-mail one handed, carry a large item something without supinating. It'll help open your eyes to their world!

N Nurses!
Contact your local hospital that delivers babies and talk to the nurses there about bpi! You'd be surprised at how much misinformation or no information is known by labor/delivery and nursery nurses regarding bpi!

O One-handed day!
Try to do everything one handed for 24 hours. Encourage your co-workers to try it. Encourage your family to try it. Encourage your friends to try it! Harder than you think!

P Proclamation!
Write a letter to your local government, senators and governor! Request a proclamation for the state you live in for bpi! Check your state's government site for how to do this and where to send the request to.

Q Quick Facts!
Post quick facts about bpi in your neighborhood, in the paper, on your facebook and myspace page. E-mail the facts to everyone in your address book!

R Resolution!
Make a resolution to spread the word about bpi, awareness, and prevention!

S Social Security.
Help fight for social security for those injured with an bpi! Contact your legislatures and UBPN to see how you can do this!

T Talent contest...
encourage your school or organization to host a talent contest with a nominal fee for entry into the contest or a fee for entry to watch to contest! Fundraising with fun, fun, fun!

U Up
awareness in your community, pass out info cards of pamphlets in your neighborhood!

V Volunteer! Volunteer! Volunteer!
Join one of UBPN's many committees that are always in need of volunteers!

W Walk!
Easy enough! Raise funds for your own personal walk for bpi! Encourage family and friends to not only donate to your cause, but to walk with you, too!

X X-tra TLC!
Provide some kind words on UBPN's message boards to our community members!

Y Yarn!
Knit or crochet an arm cover for bpi-er's cold, cold arms during the night!

Z Zip
your jacket using only one hand and experience just a small piece of having a brachial plexus injury.

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