Camp UBPN 2021

Information on  UBPN Camp 2021!!!
Location: YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, Colorado
Dates: July 23 - 26, 2021
Registration starts: June 1, 2020

Here are some videos to see the majestic location One and Two and finally here is a picture of the camp from an aerial view

Raising money for Camp UBPN through the Facebook interface is Easy and Facebook takes none of the donations! 

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- $40,000 - Injured Registers for Camp PAID FOR

- $85,000 - Each family registered will receive a camp credit

- $130,000 - Everyone registered for camp will be funded!!


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Camp UBPN 2021



UBPN CAMP 2021 is a family camp for all of those affected by brachial plexus injuries (adults and children). Speaker sessions include discussions with brachial plexus specialists and therapists, round table discussions for the injured, parents, and siblings, group and individual activities including rock wall climbing, swimming, water activities, archery, and much much more!

EVERYONE UNDER 18 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT!!! This is not a camp that you send your child to for the weekend without you!!

Lodging is hotel style. Rooms sleep from 2 to 5 people (we have access to a couple of rooms that can sleep 6).   You will be placed in a room that best fits the size of your family.
THERE ARE NO AC'S IN ANY OF THE ROOMS!!  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  YMCA of the Rockies is in the mountains and AC's are not needed. MAXIMUM OF 5 PER ROOM BASED ON YMCA GUIDELINES!!!  

THERE WILL BE A $75 NON-REFUNDABLE REGISTRATION FEE APPLIED TO EACH ROOM!!!  If your family size requires more than one room, or if you choose more than one room you will have to pay the non-refundable $75 per room registration fee on each room.

If you register, and then cancel before January 31, 2021, you can  
get what you have paid minus the $75 non-refundable registration fee.

If you cancel before March 31, 2021, you can get 50% of what you have paid for camp not including the $75 non-refundable registration fee.

If you cancel after March 31, 2021, you will forfeit all monies paid. You can transfer your spot to another family.

COVID-19: If the State of Colorado was to have large gathering restrictions in place at the time of camp and camp had to be canceled as a whole, you will receive all monies paid minus the $75 NON-REFUNDABLE FEE.  This is used to pay the credit card processing fees, tshirts, bags, programs, and all the expenses.

Any questions, contact Kimberly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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