A Spark of Nerve-TBPI Documentary

A Spark of Nerve (a documentary film on Brachial Plexus Injuries)

 A Spark of Nerve DVD       

A Spark of Nerve

A critical and potentially life-changing documentary!  Watching A Spark of Nerve could make the difference between an unnecessary future of life-long paralysis or the vital return of restorative movement.  The powerful and emotional stories of three paralyzed trauma patients illustrate why it’s critical not to take the “wait and see” medical advice often given to nerve injured patients, but to advocate for immediate treatment from one of the handful of specialists in nerve transfer surgery. A Spark of Nerve is a “must see” story of personal triumph and medical innovation! There is hope!


Go to www.sparkofnerve.com for more information and to watch the trailer. 


Dr. Allan Belzberg, Director of Johns Hopkins Peripheral Nerve Center, discusses the issues in finding a qualified peripheral nerve surgeon for nerve transfer surgery. This video is from the bonus features for A Spark of Nerve DVD.




The additional bonus feature medical topics are Time is Muscle, Nerve Pain, Supercharging, Levels of Recovery, Needless Amputation and Quadriplegic Hand surgery.



A Spark of Nerve Bonus



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