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Preventing Birth InjuriesDVD $11.00
Preventing Birth InjuriesDVD

A Must-See for Everyone Who Cares About SAFE BIRTHING!

Learn from internationally-renowned medical experts as they share eye-opening information on the cause and prevention of brachial plexus birth injuries.

This tragic birth injury can be stopped today. It is our hope that parents-to-be will become informed, empowered and able to advocate for their babies during the most important time in life BIRTH.

Ribbon Car Magnet $6.00
Ribbon Car Magnet

This UBPN Magnet was chosen by the UBPN community as our awareness ribbon.  It is metallic silver and UBPN blue.  The center part of the ribon magnet can stay with the ribbon or it can be removed and to use as a refrigerator magnet.

Reaching out 4 BPI Bracelets $5.00
Reaching out 4 BPI Bracelets

These great silicone bracelets have debossed text that says REACHING OUT 4 BPI on the top portion of the bracelet and on the opposite side ubpn.org. A blue bracelet is available for adults. A youth-size (which will also fit small adult wrists) is a marbled blue, aqua and white (see photo.)

UBPN Jewelry Ribbon Pins $5.00
UBPN Jewelry Ribbon Pins

The UBPN Bell Pin is a long-standing tradition. Made of die-struck pewter with nickel plating for a shiny silver appearance, this pin is not only a beautiful accessory but could provide an opportunity to bring awareness to a an admirer

UBPN Ribbon Pins $10.00
UBPN Ribbon Pins

These handmade ribbon pins are an economical way to show your support and bring awareness to the brachial plexus cause. Packaged in quantities of 20, these pins are an ideal way to show your support and help your friends and family show support as well!

Zipper Pulls $1.50
Zipper Pulls

These items can be used on zippers on coats, jackets, backpacks, even suitcases anywhere that you want to draw attention to the cause! They are easy to grip and will assist those with a brachial plexus injury with the difficulty of zipping. We are pleased to add an item that is useful to those wth bpis and also a great way to raise awareness. Please be sure to indicate on the order form which pull you prefer.

AwarenessTshirt $17.00

We created a limited quantity awareness t-shirt that was originally created for the hearing of House bill 1538 which aims to make October Brachial Plexus Awareness Month in Missouri.  The Bill was proposed by Representative Rob Vescovo who also suffered a brachial plexus injury at birth.  There is more voting to take place, but the shirts are available now for $17.00 shipped!  UBPN awareness shirts available now! $17.00 shipped!

UBPN Window Decal $5.25
UBPN Window Decal

New UBPN window decal!  Start a conversation with this UBPN window decal for your car, house, cubicle, office, mirror or even your fridge.  When they ask what UBPN is tell them your story!

UBPN Fidget Spinner $5.00
UBPN Fidget Spinner

 Keep your fingers busy with the UBPN fidget spinner

UBPN Logo Magnet $6.00
UBPN Logo Magnet

UBPN logo Flash Drive 8 gb $8.00
UBPN logo Flash Drive 8 gb

UBPN Logo Flash drive 8 GB.  Store all your memories from Camp and awareness week and share with friends


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