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The United Brachial Plexus Network welcomes donations of any size at any time. Individuals and businesses can direct their contributions to the UBPN general fund, or can choose to fund specific needs from our "Wish List" of particular items and services.

Our "Wish List" presently includes funding designations for:

  • Camp (We currently offer three ways to donate for camp. The first is to donate to the 2010 Camp UBPN Sponsorship Program. These funds will be used to help families attend the 2010 camp via scholarships. Secondly, a fund has been established to fund future scholarships, and this fund will be allowed to continue to grow and earn interest. And, third, is the donation to help UBPN, Inc. underwrite general expenses for Camp 2010.)
  • Prevention Program UBPN's Prevention Program advocates for the wellness and safety of all newborns during the delivery process. Through our coordinated efforts to inform, educate and empower families, medical and educational personnel, insurance providers, politicians, and others, we strive to promote a model of preventon that will reduce the incidence of preventable brachial plexus injuries.
  • Publications/Mailings Our Outreach magazine, which is usually issued twice a year, is available without charge, due to the generosity of our donors.

You will receive prompt acknowledgement of your tax-deductible donation.

You may wish to make a gift in recognition of or in honor of a family member or friend affected by a brachial plexus injury.

You may also wish to establish a lasting tribute by giving a gift to honor the memory of a family or friend who has passed away.

Your tribute or recognition will be listed on the UBPN website and published in Outreach.

Matching Gifts: UBPN accepts matching funds and we encourage donors who have access to a matching funds program at their work to complete that paperwork so that their donation is maximized to the fullest extent.

Gifts of stock or real estate which have appreciated in value can be an excellent way to make a gift and avoid capital gains while receiving a deduction.

Bequest: You may wish to remember UBPN in your will. You need only add a simple paragraph. Contact your financial and/or legal advisor for more information.

Charitable Trust or Annuity: It is possible to gift a trust or annuity which can pay you a lifetime income. Contact your financial and/or legal advisor for more information.

Thank you for your generous support of UBPN.

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