Activities for Awareness week

Pick One for Awareness

Light a candle at dinner each night and take a moment of silence to share Awareness with everyone at your dinner table.

Buy a set of hand-sewn ribbon pins and have each member of your family wear it that week.

Give an Outreach to your pediatrician.

Ring a bell on the first day of Awareness Week to "Ring In Awareness".

Donate a couple of hours of babysitting for a family with a newborn who has a brachial plexus injury.

Follow the proclamation guidelines and contact the mayor of your town to proclaim Awareness Week.

Buy a jewelry ribbon pin and wear it throughout Awareness Week.  Your pin comes with five business cards.  Share all five business cards with people you meet up with that week.

Send the "Official Press Release" to your local newspaper.

Light a candle at your community religious service.  Maybe there can be a prayer for all those affected and for all the doctors and therapists who have helped.

Contact a new family in your area and invite them over for an Awareness Week dinner.

Print up bookmarks and bring them to your local library, school library and community center library.

Bring cookies to your child's class and read the book Different Just Like Me .

Donate your 'therapy' toys to your local children's hospital therapy room in honor of Awareness Week.  Bring some Awareness materials and/or ribbons with you.

Give an Outreach Special Awareness Edition to your physical or occupational therapist.

Write a Letter to  The Editor and send it to the largest newspaper in your city.

Print a set of New Parent Guide brochures and bring them to your pediatrician.

Bring a meal or two over to a local family who will be returning home from brachial plexus injury surgery.

Free blocks of time on the radio are available!  Contact your local radio station - here's how:  Radio Public Service Announcements

Bring a stack of Information for Adults With Brachial Plexus Injuries brochures to a local motorcycle club or shop.

Post information about brachial plexus injuries on expectant mother message boards.

Pin the Quick Facts Sheet on the corkboard of your workplace's lunchroom.

Write an update letter to your family.  Include a Quick Facts Sheet, or a bookmark, or one of our brochures and some pictures.

Motivate your attorney to set up a special fund  to help support individuals who do not have financial access to therapy, rehabilitative equipment (e-stim, splinting) or travel costs to go to a brachial plexus clinic in another area.


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