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How do I find an attorney?

It is easy to find an attorney. The real question should be how do I find a good, qualified attorney that can properly pursue the case. That is more difficult. Your attorney should have experience in birth injury brachial plexus cases. You do not want your lawyer to learn a new area of the law at your expense. Your lawyer should be able to speak to you about the medicine and explain the case to you. If the lawyer cannot speak to you in a way you can understand, how will he or she be able to explain the case to a jury. You should feel comfortable with the lawyer. You will have to work with the lawyer on the case for years possibly. It should be a comfortable fit for you. It should be a positive experience to speak with your lawyer, not a negative one. Your lawyer should always treat you with respect. You are the client, and the lawyer must never forget that. The lawyer works for you and should always remember that. Your lawyer should answer questions you ask. Not every question has an immediate answer, but the lawyer should then tell you why there is not such an answer and tell you when he or she will have more information for you.

As far as locating a lawyer, as you are aware there are lawyers locally and nationally that have experience with brachial plexus cases. Ask your friends for suggestions, contact the local bar associations for names of experienced medical malpractice lawyers. Then call the lawyers and ask about their experience with brachial plexus cases. The internet may be a way to locate names of lawyers, but be careful, be sure to speak with the lawyer and ask about their experience in brachial plexus cases. A lawyer may have experience in medical malpractice cases, but not brachial plexus cases.

(UBPN thanks Ken Levine for contributing this answer.)

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