Why this one-hand typing method works

This method works because you already know how to type with one hand. If you were formerly a two-hand touch typist, your good hand can take over and compensate for the hand you’re not using. Use the same muscle memory to type with one hand.

  • Regain your typing speed. Type with one hand nearly as fast as you used to type with two.
  • Type with one-hand in any app. Microsoft Word, your internet browser, email, instant messenger… any app.
  • Start typing instantly. You’re not learning a new layout. It’s based on the same muscle memory you used to type with two hands.
  • You don’t need to carry around a specialized keyboard. Use your normal laptop keyboard or any other USB keyboard you want to use.
  • Available for both Mac and PC. Available either as a direct download from my site or from the Mac App Store.
  • Word prediction window as you are typing. Shows all available word prediction options. Pick which word you really want.
  • Quickly switch back to an entirely normal keyboard. Perfect if other family members use the same computer.
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