The Methadone Tapes Review

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The Methadone Tapes Review

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I think what your doing is great, and long over due. It seems that more and more tbpi people are finding pain relief through methadone and other drugs that many doctors are afraid to try. To be honest, I don't think I would have the courage to try methadone yet. That's why your Tapes hold so much value to me, and to others like me. Keep up the good work and thank you from myself and anyone else who benefits from your Tapes....Karl...
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Re: The Methadone Tapes Review

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Henry...can only add to what Karl has posted...we need this kind of ongoing info about stuff like this....most of the really useful info on here gets pushed way down the list and so hard to find again...keep it up! :0)

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Re: The Methadone Tapes Review

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Keep it up! its great that you are doing this i check your posts everyday. I hope the methadone is your answer. Im coping with no drugs but my quality of life could be better but havent found a drug with more benefits than pitfalls.

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Re: The Methadone Tapes Review

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no doubt thanks for keepin us posted does anybody who takes it know how i could get info on studys or anything to show my dr that others are being prescribed this if i could get rid of some of this pain i think i could live some what a normal life again thanks
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Re: The Methadone Tapes Review

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No, No, Methadone is not the answer, MS CONTIN. Not OXY CONTIN, MS CONTIN it is morphine sulphate and it works by slowly going into your system, it can last up to 30 hours. I have tried every narcotic on the planet and nothing works better than MS CONTIN. It comes in 15 mg, 30, 60, 100, 200. I have brutal brachial plexus pain and the MS CONTIN takes it completey away and doesnt get you buzzed out and you sleep like a baby.