New here.. Birth Erb's

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New here.. Birth Erb's

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Hi, 22 year old guy here who has lived with a brachial plexus injury since birth. My shoulder got stuck when I was being delivered, meaning I've been unable to use my arm fully ever since.
I lead a relatively normal life but as I get older I notice things are different, for example I've lost the muscle I had in my affected side and the shoulder is raised slightly. Wondered if anyone has had any similar issues and what they've done about this?
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Re: New here.. Birth Erb's

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Hi, I'm new to this site. It's my husband who has a brachial plexus. We was living in South Australia when my husband had a motorbike accident in 2011. He fractured his pelvis, shattered both wrists and ripped nerves out of his neck to cause the brachial plexus. He has lost the use of his dominate right arm. Had nerve graft, taken from his leg. Was in quite a lot of pain for years after. Still is in pain now (2017). He suffers with depression due to not being able to use arm. No one would give him a job in South Australia due to his disability. ( Lost his job when he had accident in 2011, worked for GM Holdens) We decided to move back to the UK because of the depression and family was over there. He is very angry most of the time because of the disability. Not being able to do the simplest of things which we take for granted. Is there brachial plexus support in the uk for my husband to talk to. I think if he spoke to others who are in the same position as himself he might find life a little easier.
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Re: New here.. Birth Erb's

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Hey Tom,

My name is Sarah. I'm 21, with Erb's from birth too. My mother was supposed to have a c-section, but when she went into labor her physician was not in town. Covering physician refused to do c-section, and you know how the story goes.
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Re: New here.. Birth Erb's

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Hi Donna,

There used to be an active group in Europe but not sure if they still are. You might also want to check a few of the Facebook groups, just search for "brachial plexus" and three or four will show up.

Hopefully he can either talk to someone or read some things people are doing. Life isn't over and there is he can do than he realizes. So much of this injury and overcoming it is the mental side. The ability to deal with the pain and get the brain focused on other things rather than the pain is also part of that mental side.

I'm past 30 year with my injury and hasn't slowed me down much, plenty of others out there doing the same thing. I'm happy to email with him and do what I can to help if he likes:

My best to you and your husband,
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Re: New here.. Birth Erb's

Post by Kath »

Hi Tom
Your are not alone. Welcome to UBPN website. Many of us injured at birth have similar complaints. There are a number of pages on FB including a UBPN share page.