Any teens out there!!??

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Any teens out there!!??

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My names Shae, I'm from California. I'm going to be 19 soon and I've had bracchial plexus injury all my life. I've never met anyone like me, and I've only recently discovered what my injury is truly called. It's always been so hard for me with bullying and just feeling completely alone. I'm soo glad I've found tons of info and forums though. I would love to meet teens just like me.
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Re: Any teens out there!!??

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I hope you would of found a response by now,
Please post your need on face book and other title post here, like Young Adults to what you ask is very important to me, being home alone and without help is very Bad, lifetime like his , No help or hope. I want you to get help , I am here :shock:
Best help and being connected is to go to a camp.
I am here for you, just a Old Guy with Erbs :roll:
No doctor Ever told me there was Ever help for my birth Erbs from the 50s,
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Tanya in NY
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Re: Any teens out there!!??

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Hi Shae. My name is Tanya, and I serve on the board of directors for UBPN as well as have an almost 14 year old OBPI daughter. There's a teen forum on here that you may find some more activity on. There certainly are plenty of teens with a bpi in our community, it's just a matter of connecting with them. Many of them connect through our Facebook page as well.

A great place to really connect, be supported and be the same as everyone else is at camp. Camp is held every 2 years, and the next one will be in 2017. You can find information about camp at along with the ability to sign up. Here's an added bonus...the injured child or adult is FREE at camp, you just have to pay your own transportation to and from camp (and of course if others who are not injured like your family/support people, they must pay for camp and their own transportation).

Keep checking back on the forum boards as there are many lurkers here who are just too shy to post but read all the time.

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Tanya in NY
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