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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: Brachial Plexus date of injury 5/11/04 first steps toward 1st time surgery


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Hi Everyone
My son has Brachial Plexus he was born with it May 2004. We were told he would never be able to use his arm. He was taken to PT since he was pretty much a month old. Around 4 months of age he was scheduled to have nerve graft surgery. During his pre-op appointment. He started to get movement in his right arm. At that point his doctor wanted to cancel surgery and resume PT. My son is now 12 years old and I have been doing some research and have read some articles on about how this is the age to consider possible MOD Quad Surgery. He is scheduled to see the his orthopedic doctor Tuesday. He started to see his therapist again and he was concerned for his elbow. I am in California and for the longest I was under the impression that Dr.Nath was one of the best but after reading some reviews. I'm having mixed emotions. Has anyone had a Dr in California and if so who? I would like to see if I can get a second opinion. The Dr he will be seeing is at CHLA! Can anyone relate to this?
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Re: Help!!!

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I will try to help :roll:
Please go on face book and ask your question to.
Getting a second is very important ,so is a doctor giving you the names of others having the surgeries and there outcomes. I know that there is a doctor ,patient issue . But if the doctor would ask the parents of patients who had the surgery and there outcome, who might help you decide ? There are many who have posted overtime to.
Its amazing there is no review to read on outcomes from these surgeries or treatments ???
It seems you can get reviews on product and services, but not on surgeries or treatment :roll: These days the better the review the more you might be-able to decided.
I never had surgery for my Birth erbs from the 50s , Today its so bewildering trying to decide what to do for these limitation and trying to find out how it help or did not help.
I hope this might help, please post on face book to.
Just thinking ,