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Welcome Newbies! Introduce yourselves!
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Welcome to the UBPN Forum

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Welcome Newbies and Greetings Forum Regulars

Welcome to the updated UBPN Community Forums. The forums have seen a lot of changes lately and we are happy to introduce "New? Start Here!". We encourage newbies and seasoned forumites to introduce (or re-introduce) yourselves and share a little about why you are here, where you are from and how you were injured. Don't be shy about saying "hi" or posting a question. You won't find a more helpful group of folks with a brachial plexus injury (BPI) anywhere else!

Please read the Community Guidelines before you get started, and visit the Suggestion Box & Forum Help if you need help using the forum or would like to know how to post images and Youtube videos.

Once you're comfortable in your new surroundings, please branch out to other sections in the forum. We cover topics ranging from BPI events and fundraising to pain management and adaptation ideas. We even have spots for you to just ask for a virtual hug from your new BPI friends (never a shortage of those).

You'll notice that we've pinned a couple of our heavily traveled threads at the top of each forum. We'll continue to post updated information and links to other topics.

If you need additional help or would like to help, we have lots of avenues open to you. There's a great search tool at the top of this page. You'll find posts covering hundreds of topics. You can also contact one of our moderators if you have a question that you'd like to keep private. Last, but certainly not least, introduce yourselves and what brought you here. You'll be taken care of by the best BPI community in existence.

Welcome to UBPN. We're happy you're here with us.