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Awareness and Amputations ??

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:04 am
by Master DIVER TOM
You go to a emergency room , and they help the best they can.
You find out that the outcome is a TBPI :roll:
Your now in a quest to find a doctor for these injury, You never got a referral at discharge of a Needed referral to a TBPI specialist , from the hospital :|
The Hospital is at fault here ??, this should of happen, Is the Hospital Negligent in light of they should of know of this site :roll: And give a referral to a TBPI doctor in time .
How does a doctor do amputation without making a referral to a TBI Doctor!!! First??? Doctor are not aware of this sight?? Maybe awareness will happen with court case ,when a person only option is a Amputation because no other option to a TBPI doctor was given, BEwildering :shock:
Some posting here do and have gotten help ;)
Being lost and trying , well its us :shock: ;)
Just thinking :roll: