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Athletic Arm Sling

Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 9:32 pm
by Dan
(Updated) November 2015, by Dan

The original post for this message was back in early 2008. We have now made almost 1000 slings for people around the world from the US, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Scotland, New Zealand, China, Thailand, England, Australia and many more. The best part has been that we have been able to help so many of you get back active in sports and enjoying life again.

If you are reading this for the first time, the sling we created is designed to secure your arm to your body in such a way that it allows you to be very physically active without having to worry or think about your arm. If you have tried to do any sport, you know your arm bounces around and generally gets in the way, you also know your daily sling does a very poor job of holding your arm in place. We do have a few people who use the sling as their daily sling as they like that is holds their arm in place better than most others will.

We make two different slings:
Sling #1- has less material, thinner straps and is cooler for longer endurance sports. This is also the sling most women order as it is smaller and they don’t need the bigger size for the other sports. You can use for all sports but might not feel as secure as the all around for some because the pocket is not as deep. (This is the one I use for all my sports)

Sling #2 - is designed for more all around sports, it has a deeper pocket, thicker straps and will give greater support for a wider range of sports like basketball, snow skiing, off road motor sports and other activities that are more abrupt in movement.

To see some pictures of different people wearing the sling,
Go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/athleticarmsling/ or just scroll through this thread, some great pictures.

I charge a flat $120.00 ($150 for international FedEx shipping) which covers all cost, including shipping. I ship everything FedEx.

Here are the measurements we need: All in Inches Please

1-Right or left arm.
2- Length of lower arm from back of elbow(below tricept, above elbow) to tip of middle finger, straight line measurement. Measure with the arm at a 90 degree angle.
3 - Length of upper arm from top of shoulder to bottom of elbow, straight line measurement. Measure with arm at 90 degree angle.
4- Inseam to Inseam, only around the back, with arms down, just under the middle of the armpit. Not the entire way around, half way.
5- Inseam to Inseam, with arms down, just under armpit, all the way around! Back and Chest
6- Nipple to Nipple
7- Height & weight
8- Sling #1 or Sling #2
9- Color (We are making most in Gray because they retain less heat from the sun which helps on those long runs or bike rides. We can and have made them in a variety of colors, just ask)

E-mail information above to: danielbaldrich@yahoo.com

If you have any questions, you can call me at 818-636-8109.

All the best,

FYI, I avulsed all five of my nerves in 1986 at the age of 18 and had the intercostal surgery to give me some function of the bicep. I have done most sports over the years and this sling is my way of helping others get back active again and not have to spend years trying to do something with their arm so they can be athletic.

Re: Athletic Arm Sling

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 12:18 pm
by Joel
I got an early version of Dan's sling and it has totally changed my life. I use it 3 to 4 times a week to go running in and hiking. I'm planing on doing some waterfall jumping this coming weekend.

Before my injury I was very active and not being able to be athletic or active after I hurt myself was one of the biggest problems I had both mentally and physically. I strongly Encourage any one and every one who is looking for a way to be more active to get a sling.

I've tried out just about every sling that you can buy and Dan's is the only one I've found that has enough support and is durable enough.

The physiological benefit to being active is amazing. Don't under estimate it. Even throwing a frisbee or football in the park is fantastic. I am learning to throw lefty. Its not easy but not as hard as I thought (I still throw like a girl though :)

Summer's almost here. Go get Active!


Re: Athletic Arm Sling

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 2:23 pm
by swhite1
Dan I really can't understand the photos.
I wish I could show you the sling I've been wearing everyday, all day for 2 years. I'm sure you've had experience with braces otherwise you would not have been motivated to develop your own genius brace. I must say that it is very inovative of you. Once I can understand it better I may just be placing an order with you.
The major feature, as far s I can tell anyway, is that there is one, big black belt with the 'loops' of velcro and there is a sleeve that you put your arm into with the 'hooks' of velcro. Or vise versa. Is that the idea?
How do you put your arm in the sleeve? Is there padding for your back where the straps crisscross? Are the straps padded? Are they avalable in wider widths? So many questions...so much time...
Peace out,

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Re: Athletic Arm Sling

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 1:53 am
by Christopher
I couldn't agree more!

I've been running pretty much everyday for a month now, since I've gotten one of Dan's slings/braces and it's done wonders for my spirit! Thanks Dan!

The rest of my body feels free again because I can move it without thought or worry about where my arm will fly or yank off to. As someone that used to use their body on impulse and thrived through it's expression, this has brought on a huge change in how I live day to day (and feel and connect with the rest of the world). Using this brace is the first time in 5 years since I've been injured, that I get that feeling daily while using it running.

Anyone out there wanting to simply jump around again, do yourself a favor and get one, I'm actually getting three. One for home, one for my car, and one in my locker at my old gym. At this point I don't want any excuses why I can't do this or that. I just want to do!


I wore the exact same sling you posted for two years straight. It worked pretty well for carrying my arm, but did nothing for being active or athletic, as it doesn't harness the arm down to your chest to allow for real freedom of movement, and shoulder instability is a real issue with me.

Re: Athletic Arm Sling

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 2:33 pm
by Dan
Joel, Chris, Robin, Kelly, Fernando and Others,

Thanks so much for the feedback and positive comments, it is because of all of you and the encouragement you have given that provides my motivation to want to keep making improvements to the sling. I love the suggestions of how to improve it for each one of you individually, it means you are out using it, being active and understanding how you can do your sports even better. That is fantastic!

Hopefully we can keep making improvements and understand how build in more customization without raising the cost to much. One thought, if you come across a specific material you want a sling made out of and in a specific color, if you buy it and send it to us, we can make it with the straps and velcro we use, just make sure it is durable enough to stay together.

OK, so now I need you guys to help others, I need pictures of you, hopefully in action using your sling. Not only will it help inspire others to get out there, it will also help give visuals of the sling.

Also, please let me know if the Flickr web site is working as a way to show the pictures! If not, I am open to suggestions as to how to make it better, just don't get to technical on me:)

Again, thanks for all your help and inspiration, you guys are great!!


Re: Athletic Arm Sling

Posted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 10:15 pm
by Tyson
Hi I'm Colin the guy in the top of the pictures. I have used the sling in the gym and as well as doing cardio after and it's truly amazing my arm doesn't move. On the weekend I was out actually tossing a football with my son to test it out and i threw the ball as if i had both arms. Dan has done a great job on this product...For those looking to get back into being active I highly suggest you use these slings.


Re: Athletic Arm Sling

Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 1:08 pm
by swhite1
After talking with you about the slings I now understand them a whole lot better. You are the first person who shares this condition that I have actually talked with. Thank you very much for calling me. You don't know how much it meant beyond the use of braces and slings. I am motivated somewhat to get off my duff and do something rather than thinking of doing something. It was a great call even though it took me a while to figure out who you were and why you were calling. Your phone sounded like you were in a tin well somewhere and I thought you were trying to get me to commit to some on-line sweepstakes. You know we were having difficulties right? You just didn't know how much. When you said you'd call back I thought I wouldn't answer again but I did. Good call. Boy am I glad we stuck it out. We'll be in touch.
Can you make one using denim(sp?) ?

Pees out,
and everyone please FREE THE RICE! It's easy, fun and selfless.


Re: Athletic Arm Sling

Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 2:37 pm
by Dan
Hi Scott,

You are welcome about the call, I am glad we spoke and happy I could offer some encouragement. Lets talk again soon so I can help motivate you beyond "motivated somewhat to get off my duff" to "I am out doing it!!!!!!! and couldn't be happier"

I do agree with your comment that the important part of the conversation was more than just slings, but as you know from our conversation and I thought I would share for the benefit of others, the sling just offers a way to get back active and helps eliminate the obstacle of the arm getting in the way. The real thing you and everyone else that has yet to get active again, needs to do is to focus on and determine they are ready to move on and start doing life again. Once that happens, the sky is the limit!

As far as making in denim, I am sure it can be done, I need to check to see if they have the material, or if you want to buy it and ship it to us, I am sure it can be made. Just make sure it is not to abrasive or heavy so you don't get to hot when you are running your first marathon:)


Re: Athletic Arm Sling

Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 3:50 pm
by josephsmomm
My son is almost 18 he was in a car accident almost 2 years ago after leaving football practice he was the passenger. He has had 2 surgeries but no movement we have problems getting slings he had one he liked it was black and velcroed around his waist.I have searched and searched but the company discontinued the one he likes

Re: Athletic Arm Sling

Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 9:46 am
by s8n
well i think my family is gonna put some money together and get me one of these slings.is the material to where i can sew a misfits patch on it i want to make it my own since i can't really show off t-shirts anymore lol i wanna put patches on it.so i we took the measurements and my brother tim scheper or his wife jeanne should be getting ahold of you all.i can't wait to be able to move around without this arm flailing everywhere thanx.