Desperate father - PLEASE help.

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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc:brachial plexus stretch during thoracic outlet syndrome surgery on may 18, 2010.
Re: Desperate father - PLEASE help.

Post by jmar » Sat Oct 25, 2014 10:03 pm

I would say if you dont have access to a pool use the bathtub. Get some floating toys to push under the water. Use empty shampoo or soap bottles to fill up and squeeze the water out with both hands. Get some windowclings to attach to the tub wall. Then remove them. You put them up there where she has to stretch to get them off. Then let her put them back up. All kinds of things you can do in the bathtub. Bubblebath popping and smashing bubbles. Your only limited by your imagination.

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Re: Desperate father - PLEASE help.

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Sun Oct 26, 2014 6:01 am

Jmar, You make me :D
Put a life vest on her in the pool. she will motor around , :shock: ;)
Toys in the bath, ;) :D You bet :shock: :D
The best therapy is in play :D
We all here have by post , adaptive imagination overtime to overcome what we can over our life time :shock: :D
What I know to be true is that improving your limitation and using them will increase and strengthen the limitations. Stretching the limitation will increase blood flow to. The best way is by using your limitation in adapting . It is True the good arm will get bigger overtime, That is a good thing, the limited side will straighten by doing to in areas ;) learning our way is really self taught by watching how things are done. We learn to dress , eat are way. All a patent can do is show how to do something and the child will learn there way in life :roll: ;)
All you can do is encourage trying :shock: there way ;) it hurts in trying so it nice to have parent to hug when trys dont work out. If something does not work out try something else to adapt to, so many post like this :shock: :D
Your child will do great, pain is part of it, a future surgery might be do for pain relief or because of a way to get past a limitation in life.
I think if your pass the surgery that are needed in time?? then it might time for some Type of a rest. like a fun trip any ware :shock: ;) . Maybe to camp 2015 :roll:
We are all doing great , finding a moment of peace help, from dealing with the limitation. Get some R and R on focusing on these injury, Find a distraction like a try and play more, when you can :roll: :shock: I have been watching how a one arm (shark attack) young lady on the amazing race is does things, What can I say you go girl ;)
We all are amazing here to find peace as you can to adapt and fun is very important to, a smile is to :shock: ;) :D The smiles come when thing do work out ;)

Just thinking :shock: :roll:

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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc:Parsonage turner syndrome, hereditary

Re: Desperate father - PLEASE help.

Post by elvenflow » Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:29 pm

I have hereditary parsonage turner and my more affected left side is significantly smaller than my less affected right side. I have to wear a lift in my left shoe and adjusting my glasses to fit is a pain. No amount of exercise could change this in my case, its just a developmental thing, apparently. If a noticeable physical asymmetry is going to be part of her adult life then there are a lot of ways to cope, and to minimize its appearance, do don't despair. :D

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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc:LOBPI. I am 77 yrs old and never had a name for my injuries until 2004 when I found UBPN at age 66.

My injuries are: LOBPI on upper body and Cerebrael Palsy on the lower left extremities. The only intervention I've had is a tendon transplant from my left leg to my left foot to enable flexing t age 24 in 1962. Before that, my foot would freeze without notice on the side when wearing heels AND I always did wear them at work "to fit in" I also stuttered until around age 18-19...just outgrew therapy for it. Also suffered from very very low self esteem; severe Depression and Anxiety attacks started at menopause. I stuffed emotions and over-compensated in every thing I did to "fit in" and be "invisible". My injuries were Never addressed or talked about until age 66. I am a late bloomer!!!!!

I welcome any and all questions about "My Journey".
Sharing helps to Heal. HUGS do too.
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Re: Desperate father - PLEASE help.

Post by Carolyn J » Sat Nov 01, 2014 6:56 pm

No "therapy" with you and mom in water only have fun play games in water :toss across and catch/bat a ball or balloon back and forth using both hands, are examples but i bet you can make up family games too.

"bossy" gramma Carolyn J