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Kianas Dad
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Re: Been off the Boards Awhile - Next Problem to Deal With

Post by Kianas Dad » Mon Apr 14, 2008 3:28 pm

I am sure every parent on this board can understand the frustrations and the cruelty of children. My 13yo daughter has a TBPI that happened in November of ’06 (she had just turned 12 at the time of the accident). Her close friends were supportive and they still are to this day. But on the second day of school of her seventh grade year, a boy that sits behind her began calling her "cripple girl". I have never wanted to retaliate as badly in my life… She asked me not to do anything and that he will get bored of pestering her. She didn’t want to get more embarrassed... It continued… I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I had my daughter show me where the boy lived, and I paid his father a visit that evening at 7:00. I explained the harassment, and his father reacted the same way I would have. He called the boy in and cracked him a couple times (to put it nicely). He asked if he could apologize to my daughter and I agreed.

A couple days later, his father came to my house (we live in a small gated community). He explained that his son had a crush on my daughter and had no idea how to talk to her. Believe it or not, now they are friends.

My daughter after that realized no one notices her injury as much as she thinks they do. At times she jokes about the injury by saying “my dad asked me to give him a hand, but he hasn’t returned it yet” or something else silly… I am very proud of her.

Since her accident she has spoke with people during therapy and realized we were blessed that her injury was not worse. She still does everything she wants (except riding motorcycles) and strives to stay active. She has become a tennis Junkie and can run a 5k in 19:11 (I can’t do that). Another example: We were at the SX last week in Dallas. In the pits, we played guitar hero in front of about 50 people. She plays with 1 hand and 1 foot. We played Welcome to the jungle, she was on hard and I was on medium... she made me look silly. (I can post a video if any other kids would like to try her technique)

Here is the quote from her school folder:

I refuse to tip-toe through life to arrive safely at death!

Be an encourager to your child. If you are trying to teach them do do something, try it yourself.

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Re: Been off the Boards Awhile - Next Problem to Deal With

Post by claudia » Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:03 pm

Kiana's dad:
Maybe you will be able to come to the next ubpn camp (florida 2009) and Kiana can show off her guitar hero abilities!

Perhaps she will play tennis with my Juliana. Juliana is only 8 but LOVES LOVES LOVES to play (makes my heart sing as I was a competitive player). She has an amazing coach, an nasty forehand and a wicked backhand. But, our thrill of all thrills... last night she served for the first time!!! She puts the ball in the v-throat of the racquet and "tosses" it up and "wham" -- she serves! I am so proud of her.

She has occassionally met up with some nasty kids, but she ignores it. When i question her about it, she says "who wants to be friends with mean kids like that?" Not that she is 100% angel, mind you....but I get her point.

Juliana was at her best friends house last week. Her best friend is a year ahead of her, but they are at the same school. Her friend asked about a kid in school-did Juliana know or like her? No, Juliana said, she didn't like her-thought she was nasty. Her friend said "i think she is jealous of you". Juliana's response was priceless: "Me? why would she be jealous of me? I have a bum arm and curly hair."
Her friend said "because you're pretty and nice and smart." We keep friends like these...


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Re: Been off the Boards Awhile - Next Problem to Deal With

Post by brandonsmom » Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:17 pm

You nailed that one on the head. That is what I tell Brandon too. You can chose your friends and if they are your friends they won't make fun of you !!!! TRUE-So true !!!