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Hello! : when I borned until now just the pain and the hell.

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:09 pm
by Youssef Ezzine
hello! from the title you can see my suffering with the POPB.
all the story started on the christmas day of the year 1999 when I borned.
at the first days no one had discovered the problem of my hand even the doctor, except my father he was the first who done. Then I performed two surgical procedures the first i think it was when i had 2 years old under my armpit, and the second was on my shoulder when i had 5 years old, I don't have a lote of information or exactly ones about them so excuse me.
even those operation and the physiotherapy ( kinésithérapie ). i can't move my hand well i think it's specially a elbow trouble.
but thanks to God that i can move my fingers.
all that i want to know, there exist a solution for my case or not because i searched in my country and i didn't found any thing , and i wish that all of you will reply!!
I forgot to introduce myself because i was so happy to find this beautiful forum to share with them my pain.
I'm Youssef from Morocco, i'm 18 years old i love drawing, listening to classic music,
and also reading. you can contact me on my mail or here.

Re: Hello! : when I borned until now just the pain and the hell.

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:44 am
by Master DIVER TOM
Your story is much like many here posting. Many find a doctor to help , but Just not enough. Some do find a doctor , Rare but true.
But the vast amount posting , have never gotten help from a doctor. In my hole life with birth erbs from the 50s. No doctor never told me about any operation or treatment for my erbs, Ever. Truth is finding this sight , show me I could of had help. Many here seem to post this to, Sad.
You have come far to adapt your way to what you could. We all know the challenges we face by posting here.
Finding a right doctor is a life long challenge. The best we can do is strengthen what we can and find our way to adapt in life.
We all do great because we try.
Please tell your story on UBPN Face book to.

Re: Hello! : when I borned until now just the pain and the hell.

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 1:23 am
by jimhildeb
Hi, as I just mentioned to someone else I have found that if there is any nerve conduction at all you may find benefit by visiting different physical therapists. Each seem to specialize in certain muscles better than others. As a result, visiting different clinics can result in finding a minor or major benefit to help you either work with the disability or a way to work around it.

I suspect it's just a different manner of training that they receive or having a previous patient with a similar condition and having had results with that patient and then sharing those procedures with you. At least that's been my experience. I've certainly found that many of the surrounding muscles to not function properly as a result of the other muscles, which have the predominant nerve damage, and this causes all sorts of problems related to movement and pain. Just a thought but maybe you have tried different physical therapists already. I wish you the best of luck.