New here with erbs and other limiation ??

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New here with erbs and other limiation ??

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Thu Mar 16, 2017 11:13 am

The worse is getting these injuries and lack of direction in dealing with them.
There is the starting point in dealing with them.
I have birth from the 50s, so I will try to give some direction to the new be,s .
Many other here have found there way to adapt to by post.
Dressing, one handed
No tie shoes, loafer and Velcro strap shoes work.
if you need to ware a belt , loop the belt before you put on your pants.
pull over shirts work best , always start by putting your limitation side in sleeve first by having your other hand to do this. Do this when your putting on a coat to. I have tried to tuck in shirts , but one side always came out.
Eating,one handed
I could never use a knife and fork together at a table, never could reach to table height.
Meat on sandwiches work.
chicken in part work.
vegetables and noodles use edge of fork.
driving a car can be done one handed using a automatic trans.
I broke this down so you can go see your friends and family at a restaurant or eating at home.
Stay connected and go out is good , do something even if you might not being able to adapt your way , (Yet ) to be active to do thing one handed or one hand helping the other. This takes time to learn over time.
Being active and being with others who care, Very important ;)
Staying at home and felling depress and the anxiety that comes with it does not help.
Pain is what it is a life long quest to find relief.
Staying positive in the face of limitation comes in trying overtime ,no matter the outcome .
It is better to try than give in to depress and anxiety.
There is a on going experience in being positive but when your trying to adapt Works. It Joy, and remembering what works in and adapting helps when you Blue.
Many here find there way here to by post. Read the post here it might give you a way to do something to try your way over time.
There a lot of Positive post here.
Your doing Great-!! Because you Try ;)
Just thinking, :shock: :roll:

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Re: New here with erbs and other limiation ??

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Thu May 25, 2017 1:15 pm

First , Thank you for reading my Posts,
I am glad you get past my grammar.
When you are born and juried with erbs, my parent thought I could learn to tie my shoes and to eat by knife and fork at a table. I could do nether, I learn to do things to adapt to ,and learn to adapt by my post here overtime , we All learn to find a way to adapt overtime. are way.
Sure our limitation are different , but it is always about learning to adapt , with one arm.
There is the starting point and trying here , and trying to adapt in a two arm world.
Just thinking,