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I wish I could respond to Jmar

Posted: Sat Jan 31, 2015 8:47 pm
by Master DIVER TOM
I wish I new how to respond to this chat line,
To Jmar , Hugs ;) :D
I am doing fine because you ask, ;) :D We try to help here,
Caring and trying to help others, We try ;) :D
You and I try to help others, The trying comes with trying and bad memories in trying to answer post, The hug is ftom me to you in trying to post to help other here ;) :D
Thanks for caring, :oops: :D

Re: I wish I could respond to Jmar

Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2015 1:38 am
by jmar
Are you coming to camp this year? I would like to meet you and your wife. Do you live close to where camp is? I do care about people. But am overlooked as weird or odd. Or quiet. I am really none of those things.

Re: I wish I could respond to Jmar

Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2015 6:36 am
by Master DIVER TOM
Hi Jmar,
You really do a great job posting, trying to help others, ;) :D
We just move to Lake Norman, NC , I have thought about going to camp, but trying to figure out how I could help there??? :roll:
We all seem to be a little crazy here it tough being us ;) :D
Years ago I went to a BPI picnics at Brookfield zoo, Ill :roll: Best part is when I could help others there , how to show and tell on things I learn one hand , like eating one hand. I hate trying to use a knife and folk together :twisted: I love food like fried chicken :D I told the benefit of one hand food, vs using a knife and folk, :shock: I always got a smile, I think if I could go to camp and be with a group in helping others , I mite go??? :shock: :roll: Fact is we all have our-ways to live a one arm life, Weird, sure I was all smiles Seeing others waring Dan sling and what joy I found by pictures showing what they did one hand, Amazing :shock: :) :D There is a lot to share at camp,
Just thinking :shock: :roll: