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Newbi here, 27 Year old Brachial Stretch

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 1:08 am
by jimhildeb
Hi, my name is Jim and I had a brachial stretch injury 27 years ago as a result of a ski accident. After the injury it took six months before I had severe pain down the back of my arm and it took a full body scan, CRT, to diagnose the problem. I had a bright white spot on the right side of my head and had pulled my arm back in the opposite direction so they were able to finally diagnose a brachial stretch to my dominant arm. I was also having trouble swallowing and fortunately that resolved. I had a release surgery and had broken a bone in my ear which required surgery as well. I woke up with worse symptoms however, I believe that the surgery had to be done. My arm partially works and in less I keep up with regular PT it loses its tone and strength rapidly. Either way it's been extremely painful and very difficult on my family and most relationships as well. Work has been very difficult.

I just want to let people know that I'm available for any questions particularly for folks who have had a recent accident that may have questions. If I can help in anyway I'm glad to. It's nice to see a form where other people are dealing with what can be a debilitating problem. Please try to keep up with any range of motion exercises - I know how difficult it can be. Cheers Jim