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Life time with birth Erbs

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:06 pm
by Master DIVER TOM
Living with these injuries ,
Born in the 50s with birth erbs , was hard on me and my parent .
But by posts, The experience having a baby or latter life injury are crazy.
I seen overtime how even today, The experience of lack of direction has not change over s-ooo many years. By post treatment and surgery happen , But a Quest to do so. Goes for pain.
Sad fact , I would rather live in more pain in trying than give up!!!
Good Job!!!
I learn Tenacity from my Mom. We all got that.
I never had any more therapy after 10 , No other doctor in my life Every told me there was help for my ERBS. I learn my growing up trying to build strength in finding a way to play and work latter in life. The best thing I ever tried was to engage my limitation as I could it has work this way to a point. Adaptive theropy, I guess.
So many try and try, We all are doing great!!! We try without fear of outcome???
Please if you dont get a response here, post on Face Book.
Just Thinking,