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Athletics w/ BPI

Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:54 am
by BPI Cyclist

I'd like to start a conversation on health/active life-style while being a person with BPI.

Do you value your over-all physical health? Do you allow your arm, or your child's arm, to hold you back from things you might be interested in? What struggles do you deal with, or what extra things do you do that you don't even think about anymore?

About myself, I used to post on this site a while back before life got really busy. I am a para cyclist on the US Nation Team, two-time World Champion, 15-time National Champion, and a Paralympian who competed at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. I am a former professional musician, and I also am an information specialist at a regional ADA center. I am currently 32yr old and have LOBPI.

I would like to see more activity and positivity on this forum! Life isn't all woe's, and I've found that my mentality shapes the world I live in much more than my physical limitations and life circumstances. I believe in a "thrive through life" rather than to simply survive.

Please participate, ask questions of each other, ask for advice, don't be shy. No one here is going to judge, and there is nothing I would like more than to help people, especially children, just like me learn some of the lesson I've learned the hard way and to be happy.

Re: Athletics w/ BPI

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 1:14 pm
by medylik
Hello BPI Cyclist!

I suffered my injury during surgery to my left arm. I have no use of my shoulder, and very limited use of my elbow and hand. I was an active road cyclist before my injury. No racing, as I was never fast, but I really enjoyed long-distance biking. Wow, do I miss it!

I'd LOVE to ride a century again, but I'm not comfortable on my bike any more, not even for a few miles. I just don't feel safe with only one hand on the bars, especially with auto traffic. How do you ride, shift gears, brake, drink from water bottle, etc...?

I've visited local bike shops, but no one has had any ideas on adapting my bike. I'd appreciate any help or advice you can give!

Re: Athletics w/ BPI

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:08 am
by Master DIVER TOM
Challenges to Try,

There sure are a lot of bikers , who still ride with a BPI.
Many use Dan sling and ride a bike in a sling.
Please contact Dan, maybe the other bikers might help.
Do you have a simple grasp?
When I was little with birth erbs , I crash a lot trying to control the steering bars.
I only have a little reach and just simple grasp.
I did learn to have my good arm to help my bad one to reach the bar to grasp.
Funny, more I road a bike ended up using one arm any way.
Latter in life I learn to drive a motorcycle this way but my reach never improve, But grasp did get better overtime. Many still drive motorcycles with a BPI.
There is nothing bad about a three wheel bike ether.
I hope this helps???