Camp Experience for Adult/OBPI

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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: I am ROBPI, global injury, Horner's Syndrome. No surgery but PT started at 2 weeks old under the direction of New York Hospital. I wore a brace 24/7 for the first 11 months of my life. I've never let my injury be used as an excuse not to do something. I've approach all things, in life, as a challenge. I approach anything new wondering if I can do it. I tried so many things I might never have tried, if I were not obpi. Being OBPI has made me strong, creative, more determined and persistent. I believe that being obpi has given me a very strong sense of humor and compassion for others.
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Camp Experience for Adult/OBPI

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Camp 2017
I am taking a chance that some of the people registered to use this form still come and read here.

I was wondering how many adults have ever considered coming to Camp.
For many years Camp was expensive for adults and some said they could not afford to attend.
This year adult BPI are free and transportation is the biggest expense.

My first Camp made a major change in my life. Seeing so many people that share my injury was healing. We sat and laughed and spoke about the difficulties we shared. We were able to relax with our peers who fully understand our injury without a word being spoken. We recharged our self confidence and comfort in our bodies. We went home with our lives changed forever because we were no longer alone. We made friends and the friends I made at that first camp are life long friends. My BPI family is very important they are a place of comfort and understanding, while also being a great resource for getting competent medical support.

Please give some serious thought and plan to attend UBPN Camp 2017
I would love to see many adult OBPI come to Camp and especially those who have never attend. This experience will be very rewarding for you.
Check out the Camp information on the Home Page of

I discovered UBPN December of 1999 and it change me forever,
Kath robpi/adult

Kathleen Mallozzi