Neuroplastic transformation

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Neuroplastic transformation

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What if I told you that the pain is all in your brain? Chronic pain has been neuroplastically wired into our brains because our brains don't know what to do with the jumbled signals coming from our BPI arm. The brain receives these signals and interprets them as pain signals. Just like the signals have been wired into our brains, we can unwire them and "delete" the pain and experience drastically less pain.

Yes, I deal with the exact same pains as you; yes it has sucked and has ruled my life. But through neuroplastic transformation I feel so much better and am in so much less pain. From a 9/10 pain down to a 3/10 pain

Here is a great book on ways the brain can be healed neuroplastically; chapter one is specifically on chronic pain

I suggest reading that book after you watch this interview with Dr. Norman Doidge (The author of this book)

After you read through that one, I suggest following this workbook. It's pleasure and soothing based exercises to neuroplastically rewire the brain back to normal pain response functionality