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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: OBPI


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The only true cure is not to be born or not to have an accident. However, being human comes with an adventure. Some people with BPI start at birth, while others face a life altering change. Either way, we are injured. While many people look for a cure, they miss out on enjoying life. No one ever told me that living with BPI could be so full. Full of joys and hardships. Moreover, as we grow older, we tend to place interest on the quality of life, rather than the innovative technology of a cure. Sometimes, the easiest answer is staring back from the mirror. Maybe, a little self-motivation and less waiting for the cure is a possible answer.

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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: In 2010 I suffered a brachial plexus injury that paralyzed my left arm completely, the pain is constantl but I must continue to live my life. After the injury things took a turn for the worst but in 2012 I gave my life to Christ and things have been getting better since then although the pain is hard to deal with I have to overcome it daily. Never had surgery only had one MR I don't know if there is a resolution to help me deal with the pain but if so let me know.


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God was mine. I wonder how many people on the network are actual believers in Christ trust me He does wonders and honestly I believe He's gonna heal me one day, on His timing because it's perfect. If anybody body needs help I pray you all will seek God and trust in His will for you.