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Headed to Cincinnati

Posted: Sun May 25, 2014 11:36 pm
by finnsgma
Finnley is now 3 months old. We have been doing therapy since six weeks. In the last month She has begun having movement in her bpi arm. It is not fluid but she is adapting her working muscles to get it moving. Our local surgeon said the usual, there is progress come back in 3 months. We are so glad we had already set an appointment with Cincinnati Children's anyway. We want more detailed evaluation and better answers than "wait". We don't want to have waited too long incase she does need intervention. Our hope and prayer is yes she will be one of those who heal on their own, but if she isn't we will be happy we sought out a specialist. We sent videos to seversl clinics that had a bpi clinic. Cincinnati was amazing in their detailed replies and the phone conversations we had so we picked them.

We leave tomorrow, memorial day. Bit worried bought the traffic. We have about a 7 hour drive. Our appointment is Tuesday afternoon, then we will head home Wednesday, hopefully with more details even if they also want to wait. We are nervous but I'm sure thats normal. We will update when we can. Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.