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Have you ever had a graston used on you when experiencing overuse pain?

I just started having a shooting pain in my forearm, which was amplified while gasping anything. I had it checked out right away, and along with deep stretching by the chiro/pt, he used a graston on my arm to break-up the scar tissue that accumulates in the muscle from over-use. So far, I'm having great luck with those two things. I'd never really heard of it before I hurt my knee in Feb, but it seems like a common knowledge thing amoung professionals and altho it hurts to have done, I swear by it. I just thought I'd put it out there for anyone else that might have access to someone who knows how to do that. I'll also do what I can to post in the future about things I'm learning to prevent secondary issues down the line. I'm living at the olympic training center in Colorado Springs now, so I find myself with access to the best medical advise in the world, and I'll definitely share what works.

-Chris 29/LOBPI
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I welcome any and all questions about "My Journey".
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Re: Graston

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PLEASE DO.Chris!! I need to learn more about Pain Management. :) to you

Carolyn J
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Re: Graston

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Hey Chris, long time no talk! How are you?

I looked up the technique on youtube and found this video which explains the technique. I assume it is similar to what you had done except on the lower back:

I had not heard of it, but I have been seeing a massage therapist and just generally working through scar tissue has been an extremely profound experience in terms of releasing tension and allowing more movement and freedom to my injured arm. I have not yet had issues with overuse, but it seems like this technique could be applied to both the injured and non-injured side (or anywhere there is tension really).

It is an interesting technique, and something I will definitely keep on the backburner. Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Graston

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Using two or three fingers in a small circular motion and adding some light pressure will break up the fascia. One may do the simple procedure with fingers, the butt of a hammer, etc... Or, have a relative, partner, etc. to do this motion.