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Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 10:16 pm
by Jennifer P
Posts in this area are for sharing your personal story about living with a traumatic brachial plexus injury (TBPI).

Please post only one thread per person. This helps to keep this area tidy and easy to navigate.

Feel free to use this section like a blog, and write updates to your thread as you progress along your journey.

You can post links to external stories, but it would be good to include some opening text to go along with your link so people will know what they are clicking on.

Personal attacks in this area will not be tolerated. If a discussion should get to far off topic, posters may be asked by the Moderator to remove their comment(s) or the thread may be moved to another more appropriate forum. In some instances, posts may be deleted or split into a new thread if they are not directly related to the original post or contain personal attacks. When posts are removed for this reason, the moderator will remove the content and leave notice as to the date removed, why it was removed, and their name.

Spam postings will be removed as soon as found. The spambot user will then be slowly roasted over an open fire and banned from the forum. Mmmm crunchy spambots are kinda tasty.

If you wish to have your thread removed, please change the title to *DELETE* and it will be removed during scheduled moderator housekeeping.

If your thread gets too big with comments, feel free to send a private message to a moderator to discuss having these pruned from your thread.

Have fun and happy sharing!