Welcome to Life After Injury: Please Read Before You Post

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Welcome to Life After Injury: Please Read Before You Post

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This is the active, creative, and inspiring section of the UBPN boards.

This is a place for both TBPI and OBPI folks to discuss what we each have gone through, and talk about ways we have surmounted challenges that come with this life changing injury.

People with TBPI experience major life changes that occur suddenly and all at once. While people with OBPI have been dealing with this from day one and can be a huge inspiration for those injured later in their lives.

There are often differences in self perception and identity between the nature of these two types of injuries, but we believe that they can both inspire each other respectively.

Join us by posting about all of the active ways you have adapted and have found creative ways to overcome these challenges, and read about new ideas and methods found by others along the way.

Before You Post
1. Search to see if your topic already has a discussion. If so, feel free to join in.

2. We all have several ways of coping and dealing with our injuries. If you find that you have a new topic to discuss, please keep the subject matter to one thought, idea or way of adapting. We understand there will be some overlap in discussion, but do your best to help keep the forum organized.

3. Keep your subject line broad yet descriptive (e.g. "Golfing", "Running with a TBPI", "Putting Your Hair in a Ponytail" or "Riding a Motorcycle: never stop doing what you love").