Amino Acid Reverses Nerve Damage

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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: Date of Injury: 12/15/02

Level of Injury:
-dominant side C5, C6, & C7 avulsed. C8 & T1 stretched & crushed

BPI Related Surgeries:
-2 Intercostal nerves grafted to Biceps muscle,
-Free-Gracilis muscle transfer to Biceps Region innervated with 2 Intercostal nerves grafts.
-2 Sural nerves harvested from both Calves for nerve grafting.
-Partial Ulnar nerve grafted to Long Triceps.
-Uninjured C7 Hemi-Contralateral cross-over to Deltoid muscle.
-Wrist flexor tendon transfer to middle, ring, & pinky finger extensors.

Surgical medical facility:
Brachial Plexus Clinic at The Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN
(all surgeries successful)

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Amino Acid Reverses Nerve Damage

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This Amino Acid Reverses Nerve Damage

It happens to diabetics and chemotherapy patients. It also happens to people suffering from auto-immune diseases, certain viruses, and nutrition problems. Sometimes you develop it just because you’re aging.

Your doctor’s name for it is neuropathy. It’s crippling, painful—and sometimes deadly—nerve damage.

The symptoms are frightening. Your skin may go numb and you can’t tell hot from cold. Or you can’t feel your feet so it’s hard to walk without falling over. It can cause intense pain and prevent your major organs from working properly.

Doctors often prescribe antidepressants, steroids, and opioids to manage the symptoms. All of those come with their own set of harmful side effects that cause bigger problems down the road.

There is a natural way to make nerve pain go away. Researchers found that neuropathy sufferers could feel their arms and feet again after they took a certain supplement.1

This cheap, common amino acid even helps repair nerve fibers…

The natural pain-reliever is acetyl-L-carnitine. It’s called ALC for short. ALC is everywhere in your body, including your brain. You need it for energy.

Studies show ALC reduces neuroapthy pain symptoms five times better for patients who took ALC than for people who took a placebo.2

A study of over 1,200 people shows acetyl-L-carnitine relieves numbness and pain, and helps repair nerves.3

Your liver, kidney, and brain make all the ALC you need when you’re young and healthy. When you exercise regularly, you’re likely to have more of it. But sometimes you don’t have enough when you’re older or sick, even if you exercise a lot.

You can find this nutrient in meat, especially mutton, cod, and chicken. There’s a bit of it in asparagus. But you won’t make a lot of it from your diet so you might want to supplement ALC.

You should take ALC supplements with alpha-lipoic acid and foods that are high in vitamin C. A full B vitamin will also help ALC work better.

Acetyl-l-carnitine is safe and well-tolerated. It treats nerve pain and reverses nerve damage after it starts. And it prevents nerve damage from happening in the first place.

Even if you’re not suffering from neuropathy, ALC will help preserve your health and prevent decaying of nerve fibers in the brain and everywhere else.

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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: OBPI

Re: Amino Acid Reverses Nerve Damage

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Interesting subject matter. However, before I change my body's chemistry, I would research this ALC subject.