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One armed Mt Biking

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 7:45 pm
by Christopher
Tom Wheeler:
"On the 26th March 2011 I took part in what seemed to be an average weekends racing. Little did I know that on this day my life would be changed for ever.

This 3 part series will give you an in sight in to my recovery and progress since the injury 4 months ago. Many of you might find it difficult to comprehend what has happened to me as I'm very similar to you, just an average guy who races bikes for fun. Its a dangerous sport and I always knew the risks involved. I now have a paralysed right arm but don't plan on letting it stop me from enjoying life, i just see it as a new challenge.

A huge thanks to my family, Mojo Suspension, the WDMBA Organisers and Staff at Morriston Hospital for helping me with every thing.

Always look forward, never look back."
VIEW DOCUMENTARY (15 minutes total - 3 parts at 5 min. each)

part 1 -
part 2 - (at 4:01 some of the handlebar modifications)
part 3 - (at 1:20 spring loaded arm splint & bike set up)

Way to not give up and get back in the saddle Tom Wheeler!!!