PTS in fingers

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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: Diagnosed on 12/04/2017 with PTS. My four fingers on left hand are like putty. Shoulder and arm ach but not severe. Strength in left arm is weak. I go for my PT evaluation next week. Very frustrated with lack of strength and dexterity in my left hand. I must assume that only time will hel this. I’m interested in knowing how common it is to have it in all four fingers versus arm use.

PTS in fingers

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Diagnosed on 12/04/2017 with PTS. Symptoms started in late August 2017. Had the EMG test and 3 MRI’s.

My symptoms are all four fingers on left hand feel like putty. I can make a fist but it is weak and left arm is weak with minor pain in shoulder blade and arm. I know it’s a natural healing over time. Just trying to find out how those affected with the hand and fingers have done.
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Re: PTS in fingers

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PTS in fingers,
I hope that someone here answer your post.
Please post again on Face Book To.
I know what you said about loss of usage in your arm and fingers arm much like we post.
I never heard of PTS , But your post is still very important!
I will tell you this, Living with limitation Is tough.
Overtime you will get more usage if you use your limitation the best you can to adapt.
With my ERBS , The best thing that help grasp overtime is by Squeezing a small rubber ball, Would this help your PTS in your fingers???
New Medical treatment happen to overtime.
Just living with the limitation , never happen because we always try to adapt in life .
I hope this helps???
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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: 1995 Ski Accident. Dominant arm, shoulder, neck and hand sometimes other side after several years. Brachial release, spinal implant, recurring therapy. Severe pain and weakness. Limited use of arm due to poor conductivity and blood flow.

Re: PTS in fingers

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The arm has three major nerves running down to the hand from the brachial plexus. The ulnar, radial and median. If you have movement in your thumb I believe that is one specific nerve. One of the nerves controls the ring and middle finger and the other controls the ring finger and pinky. It can also control the middle finger as well.

Certainly everything that I've heard is that maximizing and exercising the use of any muscles that work at all will provide the most benefit over time in terms of strengthening them. For me, it's relative to the amount of pain I can endure also the muscles get week very quickly. I know I use a device that is like a clutch lever that has an adjustable spring to change the load to exercise my hand as best possible. They are pretty inexpensive but only help if you can move the fingers much and/or at the lowest load setting. I hope this provides some helpful information and wish you the best of luck with any exercise that you can do with it! Jim