Nerve De-Compression surgery for pain

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Nerve De-Compression surgery for pain

Post by Duhawk »

Hello All,
It's been a long time since I've been on this site. I'm sorry about that. I know this is an extremely tight-knit community, full of information. I am hoping you will share some of your knowledge with me.
I was injured 15 years ago. I still have significant pain. I no longer take narcotics but do take Neurontin along with Suboxone/Bupenorphine.
I've been researching "nerve de-compression" surgery to clean up scar tissue around the injury. Has anyone tried this and seen the pain lessen?
Or is there anything anyone else is doing to reduce the pain?
I thank you for any information you can give me.
My best, Suzanne
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Re: Nerve De-Compression surgery for pain

Post by Master DIVER TOM »

You are doing Great, You Try ;)
Pain relief is a Quest , by post to :shock:
What ever you find that helps do it, There are many post trying to find the right med.
Till then resting your arm in trying to adapt ;) Many use Dan sling to . Being weightless in water theory help to.
I dont know which is worse , scare tissue or nerve stretch, :evil: :twisted: If the doctors could do nerve extension it would help more than for nerve stretch and pain :shock: :roll:
It tough being us :shock: