Hmmm... just seeing this board :/

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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: MVA in 2001, nerve graph in 2002, Median Nerve Transfer in 2004 and an unsuccessful Gracillis Muscle Transfer in 2006. I am living life and loving it! Feel free to contact me :)
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Hmmm... just seeing this board :/

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No moaning, huh!? No problem!

I have been told time and time again what a great attitude I have! It hasn't always been that way but I am glad it is today!

Like many, I have endured thousands of hours of PT and multiple surgeries in different states. I have lost and gained friends, as well as weight :) But... here I sit today (at work, well I should be working), 12 years post injury! My list of accomplishments continues to grow! I finished my undergrad, got a full time job and continued through grad school, got married, adopted 2 doggies, bought a house, had a baby, sold and bought another house and had another baby! I love volunteering and will continue on that path as well!

Everything happens for a reason! Had I NOT had my wreck, who knows where I would be today! Lovin my life and keeping moving forward... whats your story??

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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: Daughter had Car accident November 2013, right arm injury compound fracture and BPI, nerve transplants

Re: Hmmm... just seeing this board :/

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I have a post BPI daughter who is 27 and had to give up her studying of beauty therapy and she is hoping to go to uni but how is this acheived? She had her surgery to graft nerves on 13/12/13 is it too soon for her to be thinking about her education? She gets very tired easily but getting stronger daily. She also had head trauma and a shunt fitted. :?: Any advise as this is all too much for me to deal with and I want to help her so much ;)
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Re: Hmmm... just seeing this board :/

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It is never to early to plan to try to find a way to adapt and overcome our limitation of these injuries.
The absolute is trying is better than the emotional harm by not trying.
Trying to figure out how to do something is the challenge and the time it really takes to try.
The hardiest thing is patients in doing so. When you read post here of positive outcome and attitude it comes over time and the ability to overcome what you can and done over time as you can ;)
Hope this helps,??