Trying to overcome limitation , and Doctors

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Trying to overcome limitation , and Doctors

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Tue May 12, 2015 8:11 pm

In the 50s the doctors told my mom, I was 10 no help for my birth Erbs, I can only raise my erbs arm a few inches with birth erbs , broken elbow a broken scapula :shock
I drove a Semi , with birth Erbs, 25 years latter with 25 years safe drive a 18 wheeler, act of God ;) You me , dont give up ;) : What sucks , is Doctors who would not Pass me on a D,O T, Physical because of my Birth ERBS, In-spite of 25 years with birth erbs :shock:
Dont give up, Try!!!!
Like my lack of grammar, Never give up trying its way better than despair ;) No matter when these injuries happen :shock:
We just try, :shock: Outcomes , well we try, You never lose by trying :shock:
Doctors do seem to bury there heads with these injury to avoid court, Please no matter when these injury happen , Please see a lawyer ;) When I was born with broken bones and Rip nerves Birth ERBBs:shock: the doctor told my mom I Had Polio, BS
Please see a lawyer, at birth issues or latter in life injury to.
Doctor drive me Crazy!!! :shock: NUT WITH BIRTH injury WELL , IT IN POST :roll:
really I AM A Padi Master Diver with birth Erbs and 25 years driving a Semi around Chicago without a accident or ticket, without help,
Being road kill :roll: