Go Team Winger!

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Evulsed C5-T1
Intercostal into Bicep 10/86
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Go Team Winger!

Post by Dan » Thu Sep 20, 2012 6:32 pm

We were really late signing up for this and I wasn't even planning on doing it this year as I spent so much time away from my family training for the golf world championships. But Chris and Fernando twisted my good arm so I agreed to join them and we are doing the Challenged Athletes Foundation, San Diego Triathlon Challenge on October 21st 2012. This is an amazing event with over 250 challenged athletes, some of them world champions, some of them first timers, but all of them are awesome!

If you want to financially support us or learn more about the event or the Challenged Athletes Foundation, go to our team fundraising page at: http://sdtc12.kintera.org/teamwinger

Team members will be doing the following:
1 mile ocean swim - Dan
44 mile bike - Fernando
10 mile run - Chris

I know this is really short notice, but if any of you want to join us for the weekend, let us know as we will be doing a one arm swim clinic on Saturday the 20th and also doing a dinner with a few others that night.

Go Team Winger!


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Re: Go Team Winger!

Post by jmar » Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:43 pm

good luck to all of you and i hope you win... or at least have a ton of fun trying.

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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc:LOBPI. I am 77 yrs old and never had a name for my injuries until 2004 when I found UBPN at age 66.

My injuries are: LOBPI on upper body and Cerebrael Palsy on the lower left extremities. The only intervention I've had is a tendon transplant from my left leg to my left foot to enable flexing t age 24 in 1962. Before that, my foot would freeze without notice on the side when wearing heels AND I always did wear them at work "to fit in" I also stuttered until around age 18-19...just outgrew it...no therapy for it. Also suffered from very very low self esteem; severe Depression and Anxiety attacks started at menopause. I stuffed emotions and over-compensated in every thing I did to "fit in" and be "invisible". My injuries were Never addressed or talked about until age 66. I am a late bloomer!!!!!

I welcome any and all questions about "My Journey".
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Re: Go Team Winger!

Post by Carolyn J » Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:44 pm

HUGGZ to all
Carolyn J 8-)