Recovering from Rotator Cuff Surgery

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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: My perinatal brachial plexus injury occurred on March 9, 1973. As the attending doctor has told me, it was either let me die or let me be born injured. Well, I've now lived injured for 40 years. My right arm is affected; I have neither full extension nor full rotation. When asked about it, my usual response is either that it's not so bad now that I no longer have to take physical education or "Look what I can do!". However, there are days when it is bad -- even painful -- and all I can focus on is what I can't do.

Recovering from Rotator Cuff Surgery

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Aack! Typed this once already, but have lost enough control of both hands that they slipped and deleted what I had. I am a first time poster so please forgive and redirect me if this has been addressed elsewhere.
I met with an orthopaedic surgeon today. Originally I had seen a doctor for pain in my affected right arm. Over the course of physical therapy -- which only proved to be an anatomy lesson for the therapists and no help to me -- my "good arm" began to hurt more. An MRI showed that through overuse I have a tear in my rotator cuff. The surgeon is confident that he can repair it. I will undergo the surgery; the pain is unbearable. My question for him was how I am supposed to do things with my "bad arm" that I have only been able to do with my "good arm." His honest answer was it will be hard. Uh, thanks? I know he thinks I am overexaggerating the possible need for a liquid diet. I am not. I think I can maneuver a drinking straw. I cannot, in the best of circumstances, bring my right hand to my mouth. Am I being ridiculous? I have been so proud of my independence my entire life (ROBPI for 44 years) but was never aware of the overuse of and possible damage to the "good arm." How do I make it through recovery having to do things I have never been able to do? How do I ensure that part of recovery is learning how to do things properly with the "good arm" so I do not have to have surgery again? I am really hoping someone has a voice of reason or at least encouragement. This is destroying me.
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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: Right arm OBPI One surgery at age 40 Ulnar nerve retransposition
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Re: Recovering from Rotator Cuff Surgery

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Hi other arm,
I was in your same position a year and a half ago. I had bone spurs and a torn labrum. Have you tried physical therapy for the good shoulder? If surgery cannot be avoided you need to make plans ahead of time. I went to a medical device store and asked for recommendations. I tried to use things with my injured arm in the store and found items to help me. I can go more into detail . I will message you.