chronicly dislocated shoulder

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chronicly dislocated shoulder

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Hi Im Ashley. I have a ROBPI with a permanent posterior dislocation.

I'm not sure if this forum is still active but my mom, Lenni, used to post in here when I was a baby.

I'm now 20 and finally accepting and learning about my disability. Even if nobody can help me with my question please feel free to reach out because I'd love to meet or talk with people like me.

I had 3 surgeries when I was younger. I cannot straighten my arm, put it behind my back, turn my palm upwards, or raise it above my head (without help- but I'm not sure if that's great for my dislocation).

I've done some searching and haven't been able to find anyone else with a permanent dislocation. But for me this is what causes me the most pain. I have a brace and a sling that I use occasionally but both only do a subpar job. Is there any specific slings or braces anyone recommends? Tape?
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Re: chronicly dislocated shoulder

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hey welcome to the site, doesnt seem very active here lately. I asked a question but got similar results. Id reccomend getting Dan's sling I wear one daily, I have a TBPI injury and shoulder dislocation pain also. Hang in there 8-)

Theres a link on here to Dans sling.
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Re: chronicly dislocated shoulder

Post by Kath »

Hi Ashley,
I have a ROBPI and right now I feel as if my shoulder and scapular are out of place. I was recently hurt during my Mamogram the technician kept pushing my shoulder down and pulling my arm to stretch it out. After years of PT I had almost no pain and now it's chronic and severe.
I'm trying to decide on going to the chiropractor or an orthopedist.

Welcome to UBPN. Sorry I did not respond sooner, November is a crazy busy family month.
We have a medical directory on this site, perhaps there is a BPI specialist near your home. If you go to any doctor you should ask how many other BPI patients he has treated. Sometimes physicians are guessing when it comes to treating us and not giving good advice.