Anyone here with a BPI play violin?

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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: 10 year old Jessica born on 9/6/03 with a LOBPI.
Mostly recovered, no surgery, still has remaining functional deficits
including no active external rotation.
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Anyone here with a BPI play violin?

Post by JessicasMom »

My daughter has a LOBPI and has not had surgery because her function and recovery were excellent but she does not have complete supination so she has been playing a right handed violin for the last 2 years but now is having trouble getting to the higher playing levels because she has trouble keeping her elbow down. Just wondering if anyone has had success with stretching and therapy to overcome this!
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Re: Anyone here with a BPI play violin?

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I hope you get a response here :roll:
You might want this on face book to??
From the world of adapting :roll: Violins get played with a head rest and Fiddles are played in all types of position on the body , if playing a violin like a fiddle to strum lower might help?? :shock:
If this does not work a Cello might be Consider??
WE all seem to get creative , trying to adapt in life ;) :D Even parent trying to help there children, ;) :D
JUst thinking , :roll: