limition and working and us ????

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limition and working and us ????

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Fri Jul 31, 2015 7:49 am

We all try to find a way to work , with are limitations :shock: Till you find the next doctor, to help?? :shock:we find ;) a way to work your way to work. ;) :D
Others posting trying to overcome what they can, To adapt in life for a job :roll:
Others , job application and just marking yes to say we are handicap. Job application and us trying to work :shock: ;) Find your way to try to tell a employer-interview your needs, Finding a needed accommodation to work , is in the employment interview :shock: It is better to try to find a light in the darkness , to get past our limitation were left with life.
Here support is given , moving others by our experience , is our hope by post ?? :shock: ;)
If you can not find a way to work , there is a State Agency call the Division of Vocation Rehabilitation in your State to help you overcome your limitation. hopefully??? If your limitation take more than 6 mo. , contact Social Security for the Disability claim.
Tom :roll: