bpi and exercise

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bpi and exercise

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i work in a brain injury rehabilitation unit and i was asking the physio about a shooting pain down my arm - then i added in that it gets significantly worse when i do pressups at the gym! her response was sheer shock and disbelief that i would think of doin pressups with my bpi arm. The physio is really young hip and a really has the attitude of "try it and see if u can do it". but she definately wasnt in favour of this type of exercise.

as you will know from your own experiences, all of our lives we do things that every1 else does but we do it slightly different, well i do the same with pressups but the physio said that "the difference" could possibly be damagin the nerve even more. But i think when i do pressups i can do them ok - strength wise but i know my arm looks a bit different.

I also run a fair bit and she said this this wasnt the best thing to do bcos of the pumping motion of the arm, so now im like feeling like "well what am i meant to do?"

so i was wondering whether professionals go a bit far on their advice or whether this should be followed? or should i see a bpi specialist about this? i went to the gym yesterday and absolutely cant not run! lol but i did avoid the pressups which was upsetting.

what kind of exercise do you/did you do? and do u think it adversely effected your arm?

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Re: bpi and exercise

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I been thinking about this post :shock:
We are way beyond a doctor opinion ;) We do many things others do but with one handed and maybe 1 1/2 arms ;) There is another doctor to see by the quest over time and post. We endure even more pain to try to adapt, sling a arm from flopping around in activity is great to do,so is sling the arm to rest the shoulder ;) Pain management is a quest to over time to,
remember the expression, It hurts when I do this :shock: Dont do it a doctor would say :shock:

We will keep doing what we find joy in doing our trys,
If what you do hurts more , just try to do a little less :shock:
You know no pain no gain, you might find a benefit in running and exercising in a pool to :roll:
Just Thinking ?????
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Re: bpi and exercise

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Exercise does the body good!

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Re: bpi and exercise

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The Gift :shock: :roll:
The gift by what we can find to do with our limitation overtime:roll:
I really dont care how much pain :evil: I go threw it all about trying , Pain , things that work thing I could not do???? Other sling there arm and I am in aw :shock: ;)
The gift is not the :evil: :twisted: thing of pain we endure Trying :shock: ;) It all about the next try and pain relief you may find overtime :shock: :roll: :roll: To be determine outcome are a ??????
The gift to me is the determine to try, and the guts to take the next no matter the pain issue, That Truly sucks, Next pain doctor to see is good ;) :shock: :D
The greatest gift by post is the compassion we share ;) Ware by post we are equal, parents trying to help :shock: ;) the child that lives our life and latter in life injuries to ;)
The gift to me is :roll: trying to help by the experience we all share by our post to try to help by our experience :shock: ;) :D
It tough to be us not given in to despair and depression, The gift also is the idea :idea: that is our next try by so many post here :D Who cares about outcome by are trys ,and another Quest to understand ware a mental issues is :evil: :twisted: than outcome of our trys :shock: ;) :D I will never understand not trying :shock: I dont really want to be road kill by not trying :shock:
It tough to be us :shock: ;)

Just Thinking ;) :D
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Re: bpi and exercise

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Hi Michelle,
Therapists can at times get carried away with info. Does your shoulder have a habit of dislocation? I would see that as the only really good reason not to run as there is some jarring on the joints with the impact of running. By pressups are you meaning a bench press, lying on your back with a bar and lifting up? This has been recommended by bpi specialist rather than doing push ups as that can cause more harm than good. Take this info for what its work, I am an occupational therapist and a ROBPI so I have had my share of therapy and filling in the therapists. You are the expert on your ability not someone that has only a tiny bit of info about you. This is what I have learned both as the patient and the therapist.'Amy J
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Amy 28 years old ROBPI from MN