locking elbow

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locking elbow

Post by Michelle_16 »

Hiya everyone,

Hope you have all had a lovely christmas! :D

Just a wee question, has anyones elbow ever locked and feels like its going to snap if you move it?

This has never happened to me in 23 years until 2day while i was driving. when i stopped at my boyfriends house i brought my arm/hand in towards my body and it cracked really loud and then when i pushed my arm/hand away from my body it felt like it was going to snap off it pushed any harder...was really odd. i just kinda massaged it and gently pushed and pulled it to loosen it off - which worked but it was really horrible. Does anyone know what would cause this? its not a particularly cold winter in Scotland and im not even having cold pains so i'm not sure its the weather.

I havent actually seen a doctor/physio for my arm since i was around 16/17 so im wondering if its maybe time i go back just to make sure everythings ok? sometimes now when i go to the gym the next day my arm is SO painful and it lasts for days. I know the erbs arms generally get worse with age ... lol maybe im paranoid but i think mines is starting to deteriorate at quite a young age...any thoughts on this?

Well thats all for tonight...il get back to my uni work!


p.s thinking of visiting for the next camp :D
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Re: locking elbow

Post by Carolyn J »

Yes Michele this has hapened to me. We adults as we get older experience different "weird" things wsith our BPI limbs. I believe there is a Topic thread here on this Board. Just type "weird" in the Search Forum Box at the top of the page & al posts wil come up for you.

Carolyn J
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Re: locking elbow

Post by Mitch90 »

Ya this has happened to me. But ive been using my arm more and its been getting alot better. Stretching always helps. Also don't lift too many wieghts.
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Re: locking elbow

Post by Charlie O »

If my BP elbow is in a bent position for a long time, sometimes I feel resistance when I try to straighten it. If I then use my no-BP arm to force it straight, the BP elbow pops... the sensation is very similar to cracking my knuckles, only more so. But not painful.
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Evan J
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Re: locking elbow

Post by Evan J »

I also have a locking elbow that pops when I straighten it, exactly like yours, Charlie O. It happens multiple times a day but is never painful.

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Re: locking elbow

Post by karategirl1kyu »

This happens to me a lot, but mostly in my non-BPI arm. Could this be a sign of overuse?? It happens at the most awkward times, when I don't even expect it. I just try to snap it really fast because it hurts when it does.
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Re: locking elbow

Post by Michelle_16 »

ye it is actually like cracking knuckles - it really gives me the heejay-jeebays!!

perhaps it is overuse bcos iv got an AWFUL tentency to hang shopping bags over my bpi arm (lol its actually not funny) while im out shoppin and then i say i dont use it but i use it quite a lot passively i think.


Re: locking elbow

Post by Michelle_16 »

aw im glad my post has made me realise ur not alone.

but ye it is very scary when it happens bcos im scared im gna break a bone or something :(

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Re: locking elbow

Post by Master DIVER TOM »

I sure have the elbow problems and it crak when it goes back into joint . Many times driving a 18 wheeler it did SNAP , KRAKLE , POP holding on to a semi steering wheel for over 20 yrs. My erbs of my left also my elbow and scapla were fracture at birth two. I stop caring about the erbs in the 60s, I do like to see the new medical chooses of today. In the 60s , the doctors just said I cant help your erbs. Good luck with what you trying to do.

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Re: locking elbow

Post by marieke »

Many kids have that, it's called serial casting. For some it works well others not as much. I think it depends on how many degrees you need to get it to "straight".

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