locking elbow

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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: LOBPI. I am 77 yrs old and never had a name for my injuries until 2004 when I found UBPN at age 66.

My injuries are: LOBPI on upper body and Cerebrael Palsy on the lower left extremities. The only intervention I've had is a tendon transplant from my left leg to my left foot to enable flexing t age 24 in 1962. Before that, my foot would freeze without notice on the side when wearing heels AND I always did wear them at work "to fit in" I also stuttered until around age 18-19...just outgrew it...no therapy for it. Also suffered from very very low self esteem; severe Depression and Anxiety attacks started at menopause. I stuffed emotions and over-compensated in every thing I did to "fit in" and be "invisible". My injuries were Never addressed or talked about until age 66. I am a late bloomer!!!!!

I welcome any and all questions about "My Journey".
Sharing helps to Heal. HUGS do too.
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Re: locking elbow

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Hi Tina S,
I am soooo glad you are gettin therapy and some relief. :)

KEEP ON KEEPING ON ! [bold doesn't work for me :( ]
Carolyn J
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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: LOBPI
no external rotation against gravity, can only go to 90 degree fwd flexion, no hand-to-mouth
1 surgery at age 14 (latissimus dorsi transfer). In 2004, at age 28 I was struck with Transverse Myelitis which paralyzed me from the chest down. I recovered movement to my right leg, but need a KAFO to walk on my left leg. I became an RN in 2008.
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Re: locking elbow

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It's a TENS unit they used, you can actually buy one fairly cheap to use at home too if you wanted. I own one that is dual function TENS and NMES.

Marieke 33, LOBPI
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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: To make an incredibly LONG story short...
When I was born, my mother's doctor was out of town. A doctor that would not perform c-sections was forced upon us. Being 10 lbs, my right shoulder got stuck under my mom's pubic bone. The doctor pulled me out by my head, which ripped/streched all the nerves in my neck and arm (So, OBPI).
I've had two surgeries at 9 months old, and 3 years old.
My mother suffered as well. She needed both brain surgery and a shunt--She still sufferes today.
My parents lost the court case due to a terrible jurey.

That's about it!
Hope I can find somebody my age to talk to :)

Re: locking elbow

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Hi Mare.
I was just reading what you posted.
I totally understand how your son feels.
I'm 13 years old, going on 14.
I had the same procedures done too.
I've had serial casting many times and the mod quad surgery. I wear a splint to bed every night to help straighten my arm.
I know that I have deffinetly gotten to the point where I just wanted to give up on trying to help get my arm better, like how your son is.
I absolutely HATE wearing the dyna splint at night (for elbow extension) but it definetly helps. Tell your son not to give up because in the long run it pays off :]
There's a message board for teens 13-18 so they can talk and know there are others out there with the same thing.
It has definetly helped me.
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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: 23 LOBPI

Re: locking elbow

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That happens to me all the time. It cracks really loud and hurts. I always thought it was because i had a physical therapist who didn't know what she was doing when I was younger and would lean onto my arm with all her weight to "straighten" my elbow.