Bilateral OBPI

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Olivias mommy
Bilateral OBPI

Post by Olivias mommy » Thu May 29, 2014 4:43 am

Hi! I am pretty new to all this, and I am praying that there is someone somewhere on this board that can answer some questions for me.

While I dont have a BPI (I wish it were me instead) my little girl does. Her name is Olivia and she will be 3 in April. Where I live the medical community seems to know little or nothing about OBPI- and I have had to search for the answers I have found. This board has been a Godsend! Finally parents who understand, and adults who have lived with this and can offer insight and hope!

Olivia has a bilateral injury. Her left arm is much worse than the right, but both arms are affected. She has had 2 surgeries on the left- none on the right. Dr. Nath thought that Olivia would need a mod quad on the right from her films, but when her saw her function he put the surgery off. At this point we dont think her right side will require surgery. Until last week, I had no idea that a bilateral injury was rare. Now this has become very clear.

I have found another member, Mica, whose daughter is 6 months old and also has a bilateral injury- but I would like to correspond with any adults or parents of older children that are bilateral. I have SO many questions, and it seems that my situation is a little different since both of my daughters arms are affected.

Anyone with a bilateral BPI?

Mom of Olivia, 34 months, bilateral OBPI

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