Wait and see aditude by doctors

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Wait and see aditude by doctors

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:41 am

:shock: , Wait and see does not work if there is a drop shoulder , by post , If there is a bend in the arm by others posting , wait and see never do . :shock: ;)
I have the shoulder and arm issues from birth erbs to from my birth in the 50,s :shock: ;)
If you see a drop shoulder or waiter bent arm happen :evil: :twisted: not to get a referral, to a BP doctors, Some repair needs to be done in a time period, By post here to.
Wait and see never :shock:
Just thinking,Define Birth ERbs :roll: Really :roll: Bewildering :shock:
Wait and see never help me, nor did a doctor never-ever told me of any help for birth ebs in my life time :evil: :twisted:
I started out with very little grasp to , I have been squeezing a small rubber ball to gain grasp, I end up with very little usage but great grasp to drive a Semi with birth erbs :shock:
In-spite of the limitation we are left with we all get to do a alot of amazing outcome by are try,
I got my tenacity from my Mom in her trying to find help for my erbs, never happen :shock: :D We all have tenacity to ,by so many post here to ;)
Tenacity is good to have , in trying to fine a way that help :shock: It a Quest :roll:
Well, I hope this post might help ?? :roll: