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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc:Injured 5/11/86, had just turned 18 yrs old
Evulsed C5-T1
Intercostal into Bicep 10/86
Location:Los Angeles
Re: Hello

Post by Dan » Mon Nov 23, 2015 3:24 pm

Hi Andy,

I would be happy to talk on the phone with you about what you are dealing with. Both from the medical side as well as just dealing with getting back into life with the injury. I was injured over 29 years ago, avulsed all five, had surgery, have my bicep muscle, but that is all. My cell is 818-636-8109.

I will say from the medical side, you need to get to a bpi specialist, and that is immediately. There are a few surgeries that can only be done in the beginning after the accident, so you can't wait. I know there are many Dr's around the country who are really good, if it was me or a family member, I would be on the phone with the Mayo clinic today! Other than getting to see a specialists now, plenty of other things to talk about and happy to help any way I can.


bill de brooklyn
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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc:BP injury July 20, 1968 the result of an auto accident(c5). No surgery.

Re: Hello

Post by bill de brooklyn » Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:58 pm

When I was injured there was very little being done for those with a BPI. so there was no referral to any specialist. There was no treatment for the depression I went through. Probably the only thing that helped me to adjust was the fact that I participated in sports.

I continued to live my life. I dated. I got married. I have children and grand children. I think all you can do is try to live as normal a life as you can. You will need an attorney or two to help you navigate the social security administration.

Andy, please let me know if I can help or answer any questions. I am not an expert but I have lived with BPI since I was twenty years old in 1968.